Hello from Amy Delicious!

Posted in Amy Delicious on January 16th, 2009 by Delicious Boutique

I’m Amy Delicious, I want to give you a little back round on me. I have been sewing for 34 years, taught initially by my Grandmom to keep me busy at 6 years old. I am self taught other than that and have made everything from Bridal gowns, auto upholstery, costumes for theater and Halloween, men’s & women’s clothing to corsets. Psydde and I have been making Delicious Corsets since 1995. Our Delicious Boutique opened in December 2005.

Over the years people have asked me a thousand questions about corsetry, the fashion business, and how we got started. If anyone has any questions let me know. I may not be an expert, but I know more about making and wearing corsets than most.

The most often asked question over 13 years…

Psydde and I met in 1987 at orientation for then Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences. We were fast friends. I moved to San Francisco in 1988 where I sewed everything under the sun for customers of the fabric store I managed a few doors down from Haight and Ashbury. We kept in touch and Psydde visited often. When I moved back to Philly in 1995 Psydde and I were sick of working various jobs, wasting our talents, as it were. And we thought of ways to become self employed. Psydde was also taking a post-graduate flat pattern class and was looking to make a straight jacket and corset. His teacher was lost, so I helped. I had made a few corsets in SF for Halloween and Ren Faires so we did it. We liked it. We made two more. We wore them out. Others liked them. An idea was hatched. Que the evil Brigantine Castle music.
That my friends is how Psydde Delicious and I got into this odd business of corset making where we will remain until we can resume our first love, being stalkers for hire.